All the steps necessary to your brand

Contract manufacturing includes:

  • Professional cosmetics products
  • Retail cosmetics products
  • Filling in single dose sachets
  • Filling in tubes, bottles, jars
  • Our R&D department develops the entire project starting from the formula till the final product.
  • Possibility of supplying the product in full-service, bulk or packed in various packaging typologies.
  • Our Marketing department helps to differentiate, talented Designers deliver excellent projects of products and POS materials.
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Valued Relationship

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We understand the importance of the reseller to end-user relationship and would never attempt to interfere with your association with the client. We truly understand that working together is the best […]

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Pharmacares is dedicated

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We have helped some of the industries, most reputable international companies, build successful consumer brands. Our focus is on consistency, performance, and reliability in the context of strict cGMP guidelines in […]

Amazing Variety To Build Useful Products

Partnership Opportunities

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Outsource Manufacturing Capabilities

Color Cosmetics & Lipsticks

Global Provider of Industry

Pharmacares Canada Inc. is a global provider of industry leading healthcare which is motivated and driven by innovation and an unwavering customer focus.

Turn-Key Supply Chain Management

Flexible and Cost Effective Purchasing Options

Raw Material & Specialty Chemical Sourcing

Pharmacares Canada has very great extent sourcing experience and strategic partnerships in place to provide you with the most cost effective supply chain solution.

Private label

development and from concept to completion

All the steps necessary to your brand

We will create your unique product line, customized to your exact specifications: research and development, formulation, product selection, packaging selection, graphic design, testing and manufacturing.
What Else You Get?

Incredible Quality Gives You The Products You Need

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Our brand-name products in the fields of hair colorants and styling , toiletries, skin care, oral hygiene and fragrances will assure costumers about quality and verity of the products.

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  • Trading, Import & Distribution
  • We Have The Most Dedicated Research Team
  • Constant Advancement Added With New Products
  • Strategic Alliance with reputable multi-national companies
  • Join The Growing Community of PharmaCares Clients

Pharmacares Canada Inc. is a global provider of industry leading healthcare and we’re driven by innovation and an unwavering customer focus.

The work we do spans across all stages of a brand’s life cycle and includes research with physicians, other healthcare professionals and patients.