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Our Business

  • Pharmacares is dedicated to treating and preventing diseases through market research, importing, distributing, and promoting innovative and established pharmaceutical products. We aim to meet physicians’ as well as patients’ needs at reasonable costs.

Our group has partnered with the most established and respectable distribution companies in the Middle East.

  • Pharmacares actively designs and promotes training seminars to keep our audience up to date on the latest technology and newest products.

Aside from our business affairs, we also are able to manufacture pharmaceutical products and have access to various pharmaceutical manufacturing plants of different grades (all certified according to FDA & GMP standards).

Who Is Pharmacares

Pharmacares Canada, has several years of experience in marketing, importation, and distribution of a wide range of products including pharmaceuticals and personal care. Our expertise along with our experience in the International commerce, regulation, importation & distribution has led to the solid growth of Pharmacares. Long-term successful collaboration and cooperation as well as trading with all business partners including suppliers and clients have created a reliable and stable position for our team.
To become the leader of the imported pharmaceutical, health care, and beauty products Asia and Africa, we have been providing the best qualities available in the market in order to create trust between our Suppliers and the customers. We also consider expanding our activities in the Middle East while reinforcing the establishment within our region. Our Quality team in Pharmacares will ensure that all manufacturing operations are constantly monitored by our quality assurance team; we guarantee that the products are in conformity with GMP as required by the FDA.
The consistency, efficiency, and safety of our Pharmaceutical products are achieved by implementing a comprehensive quality assurance system. All our product testing is performed according to official industrial standards.
Whether you are looking for direct sourcing spend or require complete supply chain management support, Pharmacares Canada has the sourcing expertise and strategic partnerships in place to provide you with the most cost effective supply chain solution.

Our Expertise

Structure of the company is quite simple; we have developed a successful structure, which meets both the needs of our clients and the requirements of the current market. Our structure is organized along these four lines.

Structure of Company

Business Development
Business Development
Our business development department is responsible for the initial contact with any future clients. They are constantly looking for new products and alternative products which may satisfy market demands.
Our commercial department is involved in the day-to-day purchasing, importing, and distributing of our products. More importantly, however, they are responsible for forecasting monthly demands and interpreting domestic conditions. This data is then feeding our business development department which processes it and makes it available to our partners.
Marketing is responsible for informing the physicians, pharmacists and other related people as to the new products or procedures currently available. We do this through visiting physicians and pharmacists and arranging meetings with Key opinion leaders, seminars, congresses, mailings and email updates. The bulk of our domestic value added is implemented through our marketing department.