Beauty Care

Our Beauty Care products are available in a large variety of well recognized brand from all over the world. Our brand-name products in the fields of hair colorants and styling , toiletries, skin care, oral hygiene and fragrances will assure costumers about quality and verity of the products.

Personal Care

We have a wide variety of products—from adhesion promoters to film formers to emollient esters—available to help boost your product performance.

For product development, personal care and cosmetic formulators need innovative solutions to create and successfully introduce new products with tangible consumer benefits. Pharmacares is committed to establishing original technologies and fresh ideas for those formulators. […]

Our Skincare Products

Beauty is more than skin deep. Collections for anti-aging, hydration, brightening, acne and sensitive skin that also support skin health. We develop our skincare products by carefully selecting botanical ingredients known for specific beneficial properties. Through innovation in science, we introduce formulas that make skin look more healthy, youthful and beautiful.